10 ways to introduce CBD to your daily routine

10 ways to introduce CBD to your daily routine
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Potyque is here to help make your CBD journey as easy as possible, so here are 10 ways to introduce CBD to your daily routine.   Whether you’re just starting out on your CBD journey or you’re looking to be more creative with your current CBD routine, there are plenty of ways to make sure you get your daily dose of CBD. With such busy lives, it can be easy to forget the small things like making sure to grab your CBD oil before rushing out to work or getting your dose in before sorting the kids out for the day. Making your CBD oil an organic part of your daily routine can not only help you stay consistent with your dosage, but it can also make sure you’re getting that essential self-care every day without fail. Make it part of your morning routine  Take a leaf out of our founder, Michelle Rust’s book and include your daily dose as part of your morning routine. “I keep a bottle of Potyque by my toothbrush and taking it has become part of my morning and bedtime routine, that takes care of two of my doses for the day,” she says. This helps to make sure you get your morning dose at the same time every day without fail. Use it as an ingredient in your evening meals  You can add your dose to your evening meals by either putting a few drops in during the prep or adding it once you’re all finished. If you’re cooking for more than yourself, it’s advised to add a couple of drops to your serving when plating up. Make it a pre-workout must  Right before you lace up your running shoes or step out of the gym changing rooms, apply a few drops under your…

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