Cannabis has proven effective in reducing cancer symptoms, research says

Cannabis has proven effective in reducing cancer symptoms, research says
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A study published in Frontiers in Pain Research, that was released last week, has resolved that patients using medical cannabis registered less cancer symptoms and decreased their need for addictive opioids.The analysis also found that medical cannabis reduced other cancer-related symptoms, like insomnia.“The results of this study suggest that this treatment is generally safe for oncology patients and can potentially reduce the burden of associated symptoms with no serious adverse effects,” the authors wrote.There is presently a shortage of clinical trials that have profoundly explored the safety and effectiveness of THC or cannabinoids for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.“Traditionally, cancer-related pain is mainly treated by opioid analgesics, but most oncologists perceive opioid treatment as hazardous, so alternative therapies are required,” explained researcher David Meiri, associate lecturer at the Israel Institute of Technology, and one of the study’s authors. “Our study is the first to assess the possible benefits of medical cannabis for cancer-related pain in oncology patients; gathering information from the start of treatment, and with repeated follow-ups for an extended period, to get a thorough analysis of its effectiveness.”Many patients surveyed voiced the need for other choices than opioids, which carry a much higher risk of addiction. Feedback from patients encouraged the team of investigators to explore the benefits of medical cannabis.They faced multiple people living with cancer who enquired as to whether medical cannabis treatment could aid their recovery. Existing research, especially in the case of cancer-related pain, is low on the ground.To conduct the examination, the researchers spoke to doctors and clinicians who have been authorised to issue licenses to use medical cannabis to their patients. Then patients who were interested in the study were directed to the researchers with reports on the traits of their particular cancer.Patients filled out anonymous questionnaires at several junctures during the ensuing six…

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Source : Cannabis has proven effective in reducing cancer symptoms, research says

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