How to get a list of all cannabis dispensaries in the USA?

How to get a list of all cannabis dispensaries in the USA?

This Map Shows Where You Can Obtain Legal Marijuana in the U.S. Right Now  Marijuana legalization is spreading across the country. This map depicts the location. You can throw a stone and hit a news report about yet another state legalizing marijuana these days. On April 21, 2022, a day after 4/20, New Jersey became the last state to legalize recreational marijuana sales. New York State joined the list of states having legal marijuana at the end of March 2021, while New Mexico’s legalization laws took effect shortly after. The full impact of this legislation will not be felt right away, but as the number of states that have legalized marijuana expands, substantial changes in where it is legal are on the horizon. Because recreational marijuana is being legalized state by state, the issue of where weed is legal may be one that some people struggle to answer. Fortunately, we’ve created a marijuana map that reveals which states have legalized marijuana.   Let’s start with the basics of legal marijuana before we get into the nitty-gritty of the nationwide push to legalize it.  The federal government continues to categorize marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, despite the protests of policy experts, medical professionals, and determined campaigners. This category of chemicals is defined by the Drug Enforcement Administration as “drugs with no currently recognized medical use and a tws high potential for abuse,” a term that objectively does not represent marijuana. Despite the federal government’s stubbornness, an increasing number of Americans are rejecting Reefer Madness. And the dominoes continue to fall. New Jersey legislators established laws governing the legal sale of marijuana for adult use in the Garden State in late February. The law was passed after voters in four other states overwhelmingly approved a referendum in November. Several other states…

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