Study Shows California Dispensaries Will Not Serve Minors

Study Shows California Dispensaries Will Not Serve Minors

<![CDATA[A recent study shows that California dispensaries are working to prevent selling cannabis to underage customers.The study, titled “What is the likelihood that underage youth can obtain marijuana from licensed recreational marijuana outlets in California, a state where recreational marijuana is legal?,” was published in the Journal of Safety Research May 18.The objective of the study was to assess how easy it was for underage individuals to purchase cannabis at licensed retail outlets in California, “where the penalty for furnishing marijuana to someone under age 21 is up to 6 months in jail and up to a $500 fine for a first offense,” according to the study.To meet this objective, undercover underage individuals were sent to 50 randomly selected licensed adult-use cannabis dispensaries in California before the COVID-19 pandemic to see if they could enter the facility without showing a valid ID.The study found that 100% of the cannabis outlets studied have an adequate screening process and require individuals to show a valid ID to enter the facility. “It appears that licensed recreational marijuana outlets in California are checking young patrons for identification of their age. Therefore, it is unlikely that youth are purchasing marijuana directly from these outlets. It is more likely they are using other sources, such as asking an adult to purchase it for them, obtaining it from older friends or siblings, and using it at parties where the marijuana use might be shared,” the study states.The results were also consistent with other studies conducted in Colorado and Washington, which also found that that 100% of the dispensaries studied in those locations ask buyers to show a valid ID.]]>

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Source : Study Shows California Dispensaries Will Not Serve Minors

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