Driving with a medical cannabis prescription – what if you get stopped?

Driving with a medical cannabis prescription – what if you get stopped?
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Campaigners have published new information to support patients with a medical cannabis prescription on the roads. Campaigners have shared new advice in response to increasing concerns from holders of medical cannabis prescriptions, around driving while using their medicine. The Seed Our Future campaign, which has been supporting cannabis patients facing driving offences, has published a Statement of Fact document, to help alleviate stress should someone be pulled over. Guy Coxall, the founder of Seed Our Future, told Cannabis Health he has received increasing reports of patients being pulled over by police for a “smell of cannabis” and then swabbed and arrested.  Patients with a legal prescription have a statutory medical defence as long as they are not impaired and are following the guidance of their prescribing doctor.  Despite this, Coxall has recently supported two patients facing charges, both of whom had successful outcomes in court.  “I’ve worked with two people who have medical cannabis prescriptions and have had to go to court. We’ve had success with both of them, but both have been very annoyed and upset. The incident has caused problems with their illness because of the stress and not knowing how to get help,” said Coxall. “This is unacceptable when you’ve got millions of people on benzodiazepines, morphine and other drugs, which are impaired to drive, yet don’t appear to have any problems. It seems this is because it is cannabis and the police and the judicial system are yet to catch up.” Currently any driver who is stopped by the police can expect to be swabbed and if THC is identified, a blood test is enough to secure a conviction.  This means that anyone who has consumed cannabis within the last few days – or has been subject to passive smoking – may be over the zero-THC…

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