3 Tips To Increase Retail Cannabis Sales with SEO

3 Tips To Increase Retail Cannabis Sales with SEO

<![CDATA[Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a helpful marketing strategy, but as with most marketing strategies, it’s only effective if you know what you’re looking for and what to do with it. Cannabis brands can benefit from SEO by understanding how people are finding their sites, and how they can use this information to grow their online traffic. So, how does that work exactly? Here are three ways dispensaries can use SEO to increase their sales.Study the KeywordsThe keywords that lead people to your site can teach you a lot, but not all keywords are the same. You can use a tool specifically designed for keyword research (my personal favorite is SEMRush) to get a more in-depth look at what’s happening behind the scenes, but Google’s suggested search feature can give you a lot of information too. While all kinds of keywords have value and a role to play in an SEO strategy, we’re going to focus on geographic and informational keywords and how they can impact your cannabis sales.For a dispensary, geographic keywords such as “dispensary near (city),” or “best cannabis strains in (city)” are a natural fit because they’re less competitive than broader keywords like “best cannabis strains” that have more search volume and are subsequently way more competitive and difficult to rank for. What’s the point of this? It helps you figure out what terms to put in your title tags, H1s, and other website content, which will in turn help connect your website with the customers who are searching for it. On the other hand, informational keywords don’t have as much direct purchase intent, and are instead being used for research purposes. They’re still valuable though! Some examples of these might include “what is cannabis” or “what’s the difference between indica and sativa.” That’s right, the same questions…

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