Illicit Gardens Takes Action

Illicit Gardens Takes Action
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Recognized as being Missouri’s best-selling cannabis brand in 2021, Illicit Gardens is a grow facility and dispensary on a mission to free those incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes. The company is making this goal a reality by growing exceptional cannabis under the power of Fohse’s A3i LED lights. Illicit Gardens COO Adam Diltz shares his insights into creating a stand-out cannabis brand, the role Fohse plays, and why cannabis justice reform is a cornerstone of their operation. Building the Illicit Gardens Brand For Illicit Gardens founders Adam Diltz and Nate Ruby, acting on their vision of using cannabis to create positive community change is of the utmost importance. “While there are a number of companies out there who claim to help shine a light on some of the hypocrisies and injustices in this space, there are very few who do much more than talk the talk,” Diltz said. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t just talk the talk, but walked the walk.” When conceptualizing the Illicit Gardens brand in early 2020, the founders felt strongly that their actions and efforts behind the scenes should also align with their goals to promote cannabis justice reform. They wanted a name that would make people stop and do a double take. “When we landed on the name ‘Illicit,’ we had discussions about taking back that word from all the negative connotations associated with that word and the cannabis community,” Diltz said. “Why was cannabis ever even labeled illicit?” They knew that choosing an in-your-face name would provide opportunities to educate the public on the history and injustices of cannabis prohibition. Edgy, stylized branding by Illicit’s creative director, Cristina Osorio, rounded out the new brand. PHOTO But Illicit Gardens is more than a cutting-edge, socially conscious cannabis company with cool branding. The team…

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