CBD for Sciatica: Does CBD oil help with the pain?

CBD for Sciatica: Does CBD oil help with the pain?

CBD oil is renowned by many to reduce pain and inflammation which are some of the main symptoms of sciatica, many believe CBD could help reduce the pain associated with sciatica. A alternative to opioids is what many people are looking for, a natural and organic alternative that works, CBD is a simple natural remedy to be researched and studied and tested to see if it is the answer. Outside of helping the main concern is that it does not bring any added complications, thankfully studies between 1970 to 2020 have concluded it is effective and has few side effects so why do people not use cannabis based oils and balms more often in the UK? While CBD hasn’t been tested for its ability to relieve sciatica specifically, the above research is promising for pain in general. First and foremost is the lack of professional clinical studies by the government and pharma, Second is the need for reliable shops and reputable brands to buy CBD. As a consumer we want to be sure the CBD actually contains the right amount as advertised (some have been shown to have nothing at all) but the industry is poorly regulated. COA’s that are 3rd party tested are a must when buying, if it isn’t showing don’t buy, simple rule! It’s the certificate of analysis that protects you and ensures you get mg of CBD that you pay for. CBD dose for Sciatica If you are using a cream to help the area always use one with at least 500MG of CBD per 50ml packaging. If a tincture we recommend a minimum level of 500mg to start and follow the instructions on the label. Can you use CBD for sciatic pain? Sciatic nerve pain causes almost constant tingling or in some cases searing pain…

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