The New Colombian Gold

The New Colombian Gold
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For all the talk of federally legalizing cannabis in the US, sometimes one fails to take proper stock of the progress that’s being made beyond our borders. If one manages to keep tabs on Canada and monitor the prospects for legalization in Mexico, the focus is still too rarely tuned into what’s happening outside of North America. Be it science from Israel, shifts in public approval across Europe or Latin America’s rosy prospects as a major international exporter of cannabis, there’s undeniably a plethora to be gleaned by paying close attention to other markets. At least that’s what Alvaro Torres, founder, director and CEO of Colombia’s Khiron Life Sciences Corporation is betting on. Founded in the wake of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia’s 2016 decision to approve a regulatory framework for a national medical cannabis market, Khiron states it’s one of “three or four” companies currently licensed to cultivate the plant for sale in the country providing product to more than 90 percent of Colombia’s medical cannabis patients. “When medical cannabis came along a few years ago,” Torres says, “I just knew it was here to stay, that it wasn’t a trend, that it was going to be here for the next century.” As part of this plan, Torres correctly anticipated that establishing an export element to his business would provide Khiron with seemingly limitless opportunity to expand as other countries and government bodies join the steady march of nations ushering in new eras of cannabis reform. “My approach was to create a disruptive force to improve the quality of life for people in Colombia, because that’s where I live, and then the rest of Latin America,” he said. Khiron Life Sciences Corporation Director & CEO Alvaro Torres in Columbia. To underscore this effort, Torres, a self-proclaimed Greek mythology fan, decided to…

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