Stop complaining about the price of weed. Please.

Stop complaining about the price of weed. Please.
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Dog, we gotta stop complaining about the price of good weed. It’s killing the value we hold for a plant that was never meant to be cheap. People have dedicated their lives to making sure the world has this medicine. But seeing $3 1g joints and $15 eighths the first time we walked into a dispensary warped shoppers’ minds into thinking the legal industry was here to give us the world’s best cannabis for a couple pennies and a compliment. We developed an entitlement to low prices, versus an appreciation for high quality. Now, as a result, the OG growers that truly know how to produce that top tier stick ‘n stank are being forced to compete in a race to the bottom with corporations that put out some of the most regular degular, cardboard-tasting, no terps, no punch, having ass weed ever. It’s ugly, bro. And every time we complain about price, it negates all of the blood, sweat, tears, labor, overhead costs, etc. that went into us even having the choice between some $50/8th super fire and some $20/8th Dirt McGirt. Why weed is so expensive It’s not free to grow weed. It’s not free to sell weed. Companies aren’t trying to fuck us; they’re trying to survive. We only assume the former because most people have absolutely no clue how many bases our purchases of high-priced weed have to cover. There are so many entities that have to eat off of the weed we buy. You’ve got the growers themselves, you’ve got the distros that buy from growers then sell to dispensaries, you’ve got the dispensaries that sell the products to you. All throughout those processes you have overhead costs for producing, manufacturing, processing, packaging, testing, transporting, and selling those products. And along every step of the…

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