5 Things Growers Learned Their First Year of Cultivation: Jason Evans

5 Things Growers Learned Their First Year of Cultivation: Jason Evans

<![CDATA[Originally from Ventura County, Calif., Jason Evans spent his summers working on his family’s roughly 1,000-acre farm.They grew various crops such as tomatoes, lima beans, peppers, jalapenos and more. “Basically, stuff that goes into salsa,” Evans says with a laugh.Evans explains that after seeing his family’s stressors on the farm, he decided to go to college to study finance instead of taking over the family farm. Upon graduating, he spent about 20 years in San Francisco in institutional fixed income, he says. He retired from that in 2012 and moved on to own two brick-and-mortar “soda pop and candy shop” retail stores. He had one location in Portland, Ore., and another in Palm Springs, Calif., he says.”I was traveling between the two and not really enjoying it,” he adds.In late 2015—following the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill—he decided to go back to his roots and co-founded Tweedle Farms with James Green.Tweedle Farms, a cannabinoid hemp farm in Jewell, Ore., “has about 10 acres of outdoor production, 6,000 square feet of greenhouse production and 1,000 square feet of greenhouse propagation,” Cannabis Business Times previously reported.Despite Evan’s background in agriculture, he still faced challenges during his early years of cultivation. Here, he shares his top insights and lessons learned to help cultivators increase their chances of success when they first get into the business. 1. Start Small.Evans suggests starting small and producing minimal crop acres in your first year of cultivation to limit potential oversupply, which can lead to unsold products and unexpected expenses.“It doesn’t matter if you’ve got four acres, 40 acres or 400 acres; you can always produce more next year,” he says. “But if you overproduce, you’re going to create waste and endure [expenses]. A lot of people went through this in 2016, ‘17 and ‘18.”As more farmers entered the…

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