3 cannabis products director Jake Wilson can't live without

3 cannabis products director Jake Wilson can't live without

Director of the feature film Are you Joking?, along with myriad music videos, including work for the Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, and Betty Who, Jake Wilson is known for his creativity and fresh ideas. But having an impressive rap sheet is only the beginning of his impact in the entertainment industry and beyond.  Based in both New York and Los Angeles, Wilson is a full supporter of cannabis legalization, even considering it a tool in his creative repertoire. “I’m a big stoner,” Wilson told Weedmaps. “I smoke weed more days than not. I started in college and prefer getting high to getting drunk for sure. Unlike some, I’m a highly functioning stoner, and it helps me focus or get creative when I’m writing a script or working on a project.” And as an advocate for the LGBTQ community — he came out after graduating from college — Wilson has teamed up with the cannabis seltzer brand Cann to promote acceptance of both weed and LGBTQ people, especially with Pride right around the corner. “For me, Pride is about being thankful,” Wilson said. “In the grand scheme of things, I am so fucking lucky. So lucky that I get to wear what I want, fuck who I want, marry who I want, party how I want … all without fear. Those that came before me can’t always say the same. So much has changed, even in my short lifetime — so we’ve gotta be fucking loud and live our lives to the fullest because we can and life is too fucking short not to.” Being a proponent of acceptance, Wilson isn’t just advocating for right now, he’s advocating for the future. He sees the importance of LGBTQ visibility for our nation’s youth, saying, “Visibility is so important because kids and young people…

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