The Best Bugs or Pests for a Cannabis Grow

The Best Bugs or Pests for a Cannabis Grow

No, it’s not a typo – there is such a thing as beneficial cannabis pests (the term pest is a little unfair here). Pests are something we always try to warn against when growing cannabis. In fact, we regularly recommend choosing cannabis strains that offer good levels of pest resistance. But – and it’s a butt of Kardashian proportions – some pests are not only safe around your plants, but they should also be encouraged. While it’s true that the mere sight of one insect on your crops can cause waves of panic, not all pests are created equal, and not all pests spell trouble for your grow. If you don’t know your spider mites from your predatory mites, this article is for you. An Introduction to Beneficial Predators An infestation of pests among your cannabis plants can spell disaster in a short space of time. It can be tricky (not to mention creepy) work going around your plants removing unwanted bugs before they can do damage to your crops, and this is where beneficial insects come in handy. Without them, they can run amok, and populations will snowball without natural predators to tame the numbers. Introducing the right insects to your garden offers several benefits. The right ones can act as a mini-army, protecting against the unwanted invaders by targeting them with military precision and striking before the bad guys can damage, but the benefits don’t stop there. The right insects can actually create a more stable environment for your plants to thrive in. Better yet, they remove the need for pesticides, sprays, and the like, so your cannabis remains 100% organic and 100% safe. Chemical pesticides are undesirable, but even organic pesticides can leave a residue on your weed, and that’s something we can all agree we’d rather…

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