Omnichannel Marketing: A Guide for Cannabis Retailers

Omnichannel Marketing: A Guide for Cannabis Retailers

<![CDATA[Editor’s note: The following is adapted from Breaking the Stigma.There’s no question: in-store shopping is being replaced by online purchasing. In 2020, for example, the number of online-only shoppers over Black Friday weekend increased by 44%. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic likely influenced this increase, but it’s part of a larger trend.This trend has made the implementation of omnichannel strategies a necessity for retailers. Omnichannel is about providing a seamless, excellent customer experience across all the possible shopping channels, whether a customer goes into a store or orders online for delivery or pickup. For cannabis retailers in particular, doing omnichannel well is a great way to stand out from the competition.Take Black Friday, for example. While many people enjoy the thrill of waiting in line on Black Friday, there are plenty of shoppers who just want great deals and have become accustomed to finding those deals from the luxury of their home computer or mobile device. If they can go online, get the deal and do pickup without having to fight through the crowds, it’s an incredibly delightful experience and created the equally as well-known shopping holiday, Cyber Monday.This is what omnichannel is all about—providing a consistently great customer experience across all channels of your stores. As important as omnichannel is, it can also be a challenge. Below are five strategies to help you align your retail store with your online presence.1. Convey Your BrandWhen someone visits your website, they should immediately get an impression of your brand. The colors, the font and the images should all support your brand identity. Whether a customer walks into your physical location or opens up your home page online, you want to evoke the same feelings.Part of conveying your brand means making your purpose clear. You should have an ‘about’ page that explains your…

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