Georgia Voters Express Support for Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

Georgia Voters Express Support for Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

<![CDATA[Georgia voters have let their representatives in Atlanta know that they support adult-use cannabis legalization.A majority of voters responded favorably to a non-binding advisory question on the state’s primary election ballot that asked if Georgia should legalize, regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol.RELATED: Georgia Voters Will Weigh In on Adult-Use Cannabis LegalizationQuestion 8 was one of nine advisory inquiries that appeared on the ballot May 24. The question asked, “Should marijuana be legalized, taxed, and regulated in the same manner as alcohol for adults 21 years of age or older, with proceeds going towards education, infrastructure, and health care programs?”Election results show that 80.46% voted yes, while 19.54% voted no.While the vote does not trigger immediate changes to Georgia’s laws, it signals to lawmakers that their constituents are ready for cannabis policy reform.Georgia legalized the possession of low-THC medical cannabis oil in 2015, but has struggled to roll out a program to allow registered patients to access the oil.Gov. Brian Kemp signed a law in 2019 to establish a regulated medical cannabis program and the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission licensed six companies last year to produce and sell the oil to the state’s roughly 20,000 registered patients.Sixteen unsuccessful applicants then challenged the licensing process, ultimately stalling the rollout of the program.Legislation aimed at restarting the program gained traction in the Georgia Legislature this year before it ultimately stalled at the end of the legislative session in April.]]>

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Source : Georgia Voters Express Support for Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

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