Mio Asami – Cultiva Law: How Do I Get a Cannabis License in California?

Mio Asami – Cultiva Law: How Do I Get a Cannabis License in California?

BY MIO ASAMI  AUGUST 20, 2020 Frequently Asked Questions As the Californian cannabis industry gains momentum, an increasingly number of people are expressing interest to participate in the cannabis movement.  This is especially true in the new normal, where cannabis businesses were deemed “essential” in era of Covid-19. The truly unfortunate reality, however, is that there are many potential barriers to entry and factors to consider, precisely because participating businesses are so strictly regulated. It’s vital that all individuals looking to participate in the industry, whether as a license owner, investor, ancillary service provider, etc., are at least somewhat aware of the regulatory framework. Therefore, this article discusses the answers to some of the most common questions received by those looking to get in on the cannabis action. It is not an exhaustive list of questions by any means, but it does touch on the most encountered questions, as a firm dedicated to cannabis. As with any blog post from Cultiva Law, this is not legal advice and should not substitute for legal advice.  However, this is a constantly shifting legal landscape and it is best to talk to an experienced lawyer in your jurisdiction.   I Want To Start a Cannabis Business How do I get a license? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The State will not issue a cannabis license to any applicant that does not have proof of local approval. Therefore, getting a license starts with finding a city (or county, if located in an unincorporated area), that has approved commercial cannabis activity within their jurisdiction. For example, the city of Los Angles approved commercial cannabis activity within city limits, but the county of Los Angeles prohibits commercial cannabis activity in its unincorporated areas. Once you find a place that is accepting commercial cannabis license applications, you can apply for licensure/approval with the…

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