The Full Story Behind the Legacy of Pacoima Kush

The Full Story Behind the Legacy of Pacoima Kush
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During the initial rise of the famed canna cups back in 2014-15 around the nation, I started noticing a certain OG Kush strain not only being talked about more and more, but I was losing to it in the indica flower category seemingly all the time. Didn’t matter what I entered against it back then; it would always come out on top. So, I started to educate myself on this amazingly gassy plant. It went by many names at the time. Some owners called it one thing; other owners called it another. The true origin of this strain is still widely unknown to this day. However, I knew one thing at the time: This was the absolute meanest OG I had ever come across. The idea of it constantly kept me wanting to know more.I was finally introduced to this OG in person through a friend of mine out of a city named Pacoima in San Fernando valley.  I would get little gas bomb jars of the Kush from him and his friends, who just so happened to be some of the few curators of this beloved cut at the time. The way the crystals just shimmered in that southern California sun was something I still remember to this day. Not only were these beautiful, crowned-out green nuggets dripping with frost, but the gas was so pure it was truly insane. It was the most genuine and authentic OG jet fuel gas of that period. There was literally nothing close.  I spent years competing against this OG in canna cups only to rarely squeak out a victory against it here and there. I spent years trying to acquire this cut to no avail. I wanted to see what I could do with it. I wanted to see what kind of…

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