Canadian Senator Admits He Takes Psilocybin for Depression

Canadian Senator Admits He Takes Psilocybin for Depression
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Last week, Canadian Senator Larry Campbell came out of the psychedelic closet in the opening speech to the Catalyst Psychedelics Summit in the U.K. Namely, he admitted that he has been microdosing with psilocybin to help his depression. According to Campbell, who has worked in drug reform for a long time as both the Mayor of Vancouver and a member of the Canadian Senate, he suffers from PTSD, depression, and the issues of “getting old.” However, his normal cocktail of anti-depressants was still leaving him with symptoms, making him “grumpy.” Suddenly, during the pandemic, he noticed that his mood was steadily improving. He could not figure out the cause. After several weeks of this, he mentioned the same to his wife. It was then she admitted she had been spiking his coffee with microdoses of psilocybin. The admission is particularly timely. Right now, the Canadian government is trying to figure out how to regulate the coming wave of psychedelics, starting with psilocybin. So far, it has allowed several depression patients to use psilocybin under an experimental regime called the Special Access Program which authorizes the use of medicines currently not legal in Canada. However, before legalizing this on a larger scale, Canadian authorities want to see clinical trial evidence. In the U.S., then-President Donald Trump signed a similar “right-to-try” piece of legislation in May 2018, allowing seriously ill patients to bypass the FDA for experimental medicines. Presumably both cannabis and psilocybin could be covered under the same. The State of Psychedelic Drug Reform, Globally Even as Canada considers legalizing its medical use, the issue is now percolating in the U.S. at all levels. Several cities have already moved forward. This includes Denver, Colorado which decriminalized it three years ago this May. Several other cities followed suit, including multiple cities in…

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