Is Rhode Island on Deck? Week in Review

Is Rhode Island on Deck? Week in Review

<![CDATA[Each week, we seem to come tantalizingly close to adding another state to the map of legal U.S. adult-use cannabis markets. This week is no different—but it feels different. Rhode Island legislators are rounding the bend on a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis production and sales, which, if they can cross the finish line next week, would give us the 19th state to pass such a law. If that happens, expect sales to begin at the end of this year.And keep an eye on Delaware, while you’re at it: The Delaware House missed a chance to advance a cannabis legalization bill just by sheer bad timing, but there’s an opportunity to recast the vote next month.Rhode Island and Delaware both fall on the low end of state populations (No. 43 and 44, respectively), but the passage of those bills would add some serious heft to the Mid-Atlantic and New England cannabis market in the aggregate. We’ve rounded up some of the key cannabis headlines from the week right here.Associate Editor Tony Lange has the latest on Rhode Island. Read moreIllinois has officially started the process of issuing craft grow cannabis licenses that were held up in court until March, when a judge lifted an injunction to allow state officials to proceed with awarding the 60 licenses. Read more A bill to legalize a commercial adult-use cannabis industry in Delaware gained majority support among House lawmakers May 19 but came one vote shy of the supermajority it needed to pass amidst a key supporter’s absence. Read more The Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors voted May 17 against altering the current taxation system, which is based on the self-reported dollar value of the crops. Read more Lawmakers in the Minnesota Senate blocked a vote on an adult-use cannabis legalization bill May 18 when they voted against a procedural…

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