Cannabis legalization bill reintroduced in S. Australia

Cannabis legalization bill reintroduced in S. Australia

Strat Cann report A member of Australia’s Green Party has re-submitted a bill that proposes to legalize and regulate cannabis in South Australia.  Cannabis Legalisation Bill 2022, introduced in South Australia’s legislative council on May 18, calls for the strict legalisation and regulation of cannabis. The legislation had been originally introduced in November 2021, but had to be reintroduced in the newest session of Parliament, following an election in March of this year.

The Act in many ways mirrors Canada’s legalization legislation—passed in 2018—which was framed around the idea of legalizing and strictly regulating cannabis in order to protect public health and safety. The Greens’ Bill, “An Act to legalize cannabis and cannabis products, to regulate the sale, supply and advertising of cannabis and cannabis products, to make related amendments to the Controlled Substances Act 1984, and for other purposes” often closely mirrors language used in Canada’s Bill C-45. To oversee all aspects of the new regulations and the commercial industry, the bill would create the South Australian Cannabis Agency. In addition to managing regulations, the agency would control all sales between producers and distributors—although if this means the agency would have a physical warehouse or only oversee these sales is unclear at this stage. The agency would also inspect licence holders. health care issue and not a criminal issue which has seen some of the most vulnerable people in our communities criminalised when they should have been provided with the health care they needed.” TAMMY FRANKS MLC – SA GREENS UPPER HOUSE MEMBER The bill’s sponsor, Tammy Franks, shared this with StratCann late last year after the previous tabling of the Bill. “In drafting this piece of legislation we examined various forms of legalisation and regulation that have been proposed or are now operational. Whilst we did consider some international…

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