Australian Federal Election – Good For Cannabis?

Australian Federal Election – Good For Cannabis?

It’s too early to tell, but things are, according to the Guardian, looking good for progressives in the Senate. David Shoebridge the leader of the Greens said during the campaign that regulated adult use cannabis would be on the table if the Greens had any semblance of power in either of the houses. As of Sunday AM the Guardian knows this It looks as though Labor, the Greens and the progressive independent David Pocock may together form an absolute majority in the Senate. Labor and the Greens will disagree on plenty of issues, but both will have an incentive to ensure success in the next term. And with up to four Greens elected to the House of Representatives, legislation with Greens support will have a handy buffer in the lower house. The Greens look set to win a senator in every state, which would give them a total of 12. They appear to have gained a seat in Queensland, ousting LNP senator Amanda Stoker, and in South Australia from the former Centre Alliance independent bloc. Former senator Nick Xenophon’s comeback bid was a failure, sitting on 2.7% of the primary vote when counting was paused on Saturday night. The Greens are also set to take Labor’s third seat in New South Wales, the vulnerable seat that Kristina Keneally vacated to make her ill-fated run for Fowler. A large swing to Labor in Western Australia has put them on course to win three seats, in addition to the incumbent Greens senator. That third Labor seat also comes at the expense of the Liberals. Read the full Senate analysis here This will, we suggest, give them a modicum of wiggle room to push cannabis onto the Labor govt agenda. Musing aloud I’d guess that Labor will, like Biden in the US, kick…

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