The Retail Fallacy: Stop Buying off THC Percentage

The Retail Fallacy: Stop Buying off THC Percentage
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I figured to kick things off with a bang, for my first segment of WEIRDOS I wanted to rant about one of the most common fallacies in the California retail marketplace today, though it’s certainly an issue that expands far past our borders. That fallacy, and it’s one I know to be frustrating cultivators the world over, is that cannabis with higher THC percentages is of higher quality, or higher potency, than something with a lower THC percentage. That idea, by every measure, is a bunch of bullshit. High THC Does NOT Guarantee A Stronger High Now listen, I understand why it’s so easy for consumers and retailers to point to. It seems like basic math! But here’s the cold hard truth: the plants testing the highest for THC will NOT provide you with the best high. This isn’t just a subjective opinion. Remember distillate vape pens, and their ‘diet’ feeling highs? That’s what you’re racing towards when you buy by THC percentage—because ingesting straight THC doesn’t get you super lit, in fact, it’s one of the more boring highs I’ve experienced! Also, as a quick aside, have you actually SEEN some of these super high THC testing buds in person? You can barely smell them. They might as well be plastic! We’re literally cutting our nose to spite our face here, people. Part of what makes the cannabis high so magical are the terpene navigators that roll in tow with your cannabinoids. The aromatics, if you will. I’ve heard it best described like this: if the Cannabinoids in the plant are your engine, the Terps are your nav. The problem is, as people have tried to ‘increase the horsepower of their engines’ so to speak, they often lose terp percentages as a byproduct. You wouldn’t let a blind guy…

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