Seedsman Meets FastBuds

Seedsman Meets FastBuds

We’re offering a buy 1 get 1 free offer on multiple FastBuds strains right now on Seedsman. Check out our promo page for further details. If you’re unfamiliar with FastBuds, we sat down with CEO Stan to learn a little about where they’ve come from, where they’re going and which strains they’d recommend you try out. Tell us a little bit about how you first got involved with cannabis? We were very young, just smoking weed, and at some point, we realised that it’s We were very young, just smoking weed, and at some point, we realised that it’s cheaper, easier and better to grow your own weed. We started growing and experimenting with clones, then seeds which eventually led to producing our own seeds. And how did this lead to you getting involved in breeding? We decided to take things more seriously and try to produce our own seeds at some point. We read a lot of books and looked for help online in forums. This helped us to start making our own crosses and experimenting. Eventually, we learned about autoflowers which were still new, but we realised they had huge potential, so we started focusing on autoflowers. What are the 3 or 5 main considerations for commercial breeding? First of all, I would say that you love what you do, but in terms of autoflower breeding,  the most important thing is plant selection, so you have to start with as many plants as you can—the bigger the selection, the better the result.  You also need to plan ahead and understand what you need and what you want your plant to be. Do you need your strain to be bigger? Stronger? Are you looking for a specific terpene profile? But this is a matter of personal preference as there’s…

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