A Closer Look at Entheogenic Rules for Psilocybin Services

A Closer Look at Entheogenic Rules for Psilocybin Services

As described in our earlier blog post, the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board (Advisory Board) is considering recommendations for entheogenic duties and privileges to counteract the lack of religious protections provided under the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act (Measure 109). In March, both the Equity and Licensing Subcommittees of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board endorsed the framework of proposed rules that would supplement Measure 109’s current licensing regime and would protect the centuries-old indigenous practice of using psilocybin mushrooms for religious and spiritual purposes. The full Advisory Board at its next meeting on May 25, 2022, will vote on whether to recommend the proposed framework to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). OHA ultimately determines final entheogenic rules and may amend or outright reject the recommendations passed by the Advisory Board. This article provides a detailed description of the framework in time to inform readers before the Advisory Board makes its recommendation. What does the proposed entheogenic framework look like? The framework introduces certain privileges and duties for individuals or entities who qualify as entheogenic practitioners. Practitioners include individual facilitators, nonprofit manufacturers, and nonprofit service centers. Nonprofit holds the same definition as ORS 65.001(33), meaning a mutual benefit corporation, public benefit corporation, or religious corporation. It is important to note that the entheogenic framework is not part of Measure 109 nor is it part of the licensing regimen that Measure 109 lays out. Measure 109 contains no provisions for religious psilocybin use, so the entheogenic framework would independently supplement Oregon’s psilocybin program to increase equity and affordable access and pay proper homage to psilocybin’s historic indigenous use. a. Practitioner Qualifications The framework proposes that OHA may grant entheogenic privileges to an individual or legal entity that: 1) is or is affiliated with a nonprofit formed primarily for religious or spiritual purposes, 2) except for facilitators, signs attestations demonstrating that…

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