Cannabis Cloning: A How to Guide

Cannabis Cloning: A How to Guide

Written by @redlegcultivator Cloning is a tool that every gardener should learn. It allows for the preservation of a particular genetic profile without interbreeding and producing seeds with varying genetic profiles. Cloning can save you time versus seeds. Clones will grow faster than seeds once past the initial rooting phase. Don’t get me wrong; every clone had to come from a seed. Seeds are the basis of life. One also knows, if they’ve tried, finding the perfect balance of genetic expressions in a plant can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Once you find it, you want to keep it. That’s where cloning comes in. Table of contentsWhat is Cannabis Cloning?Equipment Needed to Clone CannabisCutting Cannabis for CloningCloning Cannabis Step by Step What is Cannabis Cloning? Cloning is the process of preserving a genetic profile through a direct copy of the plant. We aren’t cloning on the cellular level like an animal. We are cloning by taking a cutting from a donor or mother plant and then rooting that cutting into its own viable plant. There are two main methods to do this. One is the method I will lay out; the other is cloning using agar and test tubes. I will not go into the test tube method step by step simply because I’ve never used it. I will tell you that is my desired end state; to clone in tubes using agar. It is more efficient at saving space by not having to devote as much square footage to cloning or increasing your capacity to make clones in the space you already have. A whole cutting is not needed either, just a small piece of plant tissue. That increases the number of potential clones per donor plant. The real bonus with this method is it allows a grower…

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