Article: “Amended cannabis legalization bills introduced and on path to passage”

Article: “Amended cannabis legalization bills introduced and on path to passage”

Upriseri digs deep into the legislation introduced and what it means if it passes   “The magnitude of the cannabis legislation, specifically the state-initiated expungement piece, is without equal,” said Representative Leonela Felix (Democrat, District 61, Pawtucket), who took the lead on ensuring that the bill was amended to include automatic expungement. “This legislation will automatically grant relief to many Rhode Islanders without placing the burden on them to seek an expungement. Individuals will gain access to educational, employment, and housing opportunities without a conviction record.”  May 17, 2022 The amended legislation to legalize adult cannabis use in Rhode Island contains language pertaining to the automatic expungement of any prior civil violation, misdemeanor or felony convictions for possession, say sponsors sponsored Senator Joshua Miller (Democrat, District 28, Cranston, Providence) and Representative Scott Slater (Democrat, District 10, Providence). The amended bill also pushes the start date of legalized adult recreational sales from October 1 to December 1 and eliminates the current fees charged to patients and caregivers for registration in the state’s medical marijuana program. Based on committee testimony and debate held since the bills were introduced on March 1, the amended legislation is scheduled to be considered on Wednesday by committees in both the House and the Senate. Following approval by the House Finance Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, the amended bills are expected to come before the full membership of each chamber for a vote Tuesday, May 24. The legislation (2022-S2430, 2022-H7593) legalizes the sale and possession of up to one ounce of cannabis for those age 21 and up, with no more than ten ounces for personal use kept in a primary residence. It would also allow Rhode Islanders to grow a small amount of cannabis at home. In a fact sheet, the sponsors explained that after reviewing committee testimony and investigating the court’s capabilities,…

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