Alert: “Invitation to Discuss the Evaluation of THC Compounds: What is and is not “impairing”?”

Alert: “Invitation to Discuss the Evaluation of THC Compounds: What is and is not “impairing”?”

May 31 session continues focus on Delta 8 and other unregulated cannabinoids The public and the cannabis industry are invited to a May 31, 2022 discussion to help shape future policy and rules related to how LCB and state law will define what are “impairing” and “non-impairing” THC compounds and cannabinoids. Background: Since early 2021, new unregulated cannabinoid products that may be “impairing” (other than delta-9 THC) began being sold online and in stores across the nation. This raised questions nationwide about the legality and possible health impacts of these new products, being sold without age-restriction or regulation. A year ago, the LCB Board issued Policy Statement Number PS-21-01 about THC compounds. In January 2022, the Board adopted a new rule section, WAC 314-55-560 that allows the Board to evaluate additives, solvents, ingredients or compounds used in the production of cannabis products. During the 2022 legislative session, bills introduced to address concerns about the regulation of these emerging products did not advance to passage. The LCB continues to gather information to inform future policy and rule development within the agency’s current statutory authority. Public participation on this topic continues with a fourth session on Cannabis Plant Chemistry. How were panelists selected? The LCB invited panelists from the Washington State Patrol, WSU Committee on Cannabis Policy & Research, and UMass Boston. Michael Milburn, Professor of Psychology, UMass Boston (retired) Nicholas Lovrich, Emeritus Regents Professor, School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs David Northrop, Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory Manager Sheri Jenkins, Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory Additional panelists may be added. LCB’s Policy and Rules manager Kathy Hoffman will moderate the fourth deliberative dialogue on cannabis plant chemistry. Meeting outline and agenda: The agenda is linked here. Introductions, information on the topic, discussion goals and expectations. Panelists will share their knowledge and experience with the subject matter. Interactive Question…

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Source : Alert: “Invitation to Discuss the Evaluation of THC Compounds: What is and is not “impairing”?”

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