Does Cannabis Protect Against Diabetes?

Does Cannabis Protect Against Diabetes?

It might sound counter-intuitive, but evidence suggests that smoking weed actually helps stave off metabolic disorders despite the munchies. For instance, several large-scale studies have indicated that cannabis use is associated with reducing the risk of developing diabetes. Related Post Can Cannabis Treat Anorexia? Cannabis And Diabetes – The Stats Pot is famous for stimulating the appetite, and everyone knows that salad doesn’t hit the spot when you’re baked. According to scientific research, stoners tend to be in pretty good shape rather than ballooning into big fat blobs. For example, a study of over 4,600 people in the US found that cannabis users had slimmer waistlines than non-users. More interestingly, smokers had a 17 per cent lower chance of insulin resistance, which means they were less likely to suffer from conditions like diabetes[i]. A similar analysis involving almost 11,000 American adults found that diabetes rates among cannabis users were 64 per cent lower than among non-users[ii]. A deep dive into the scientific literature reveals that this study was no fluke. Way back in 2002, a US-wide survey revealed a diabetes rate of 14.3 per cent for people who used cannabis at least three times a week, while 22 per cent of non-stoners suffered from the condition. The following year, another significant analysis estimated the prevalence of diabetes to be around 17 per cent for regular smokers and 25 per cent for non-users[iii]. More recently, two separate national surveys found that cannabis users were 30 per cent less likely than non-users to suffer from diabetes[iv]. How Does Cannabis Protect Against Diabetes? The statistical link between cannabis and a reduced risk of diabetes has been replicated so many times that scientists have largely come to accept it as fact. What they are less sure of, however, is the mechanism by which weed…

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