Cancer Research UK updates guidance on medical cannabis

Cancer Research UK updates guidance on medical cannabis
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Experts have welcomed new guidance from Cancer Research UK on medical cannabis as a treatment, which includes the charity’s recommendations for moving forward with research. Cancer Research UK has updated its guidance on medical cannabis following delays due to the pandemic. In a blog post published last week (May 13), the charity compiled recent research and ongoing trials to summarise the evidence so far. The charity said the article aims to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information on cannabis and cancer and combat “misleading” claims made online. Although the charity made it clear that it does not have an organisational policy on the legal status of cannabis, its use as a recreational drug or its medical use for diseases other than cancer, it said it is supportive of “properly conducted scientific research into cannabis and its derivatives that could benefit cancer patients”. The article also stated that Cancer Research UK will continue to monitor developments in the fields and evidence as it emerges. “The current consensus is that, right now, there isn’t a large enough body of evidence to prove that cannabis (or any of its active compounds or derivatives) can reliably treat any form of cancer but the medical use of cannabis to treat cancer-related chronic pain is approved in the UK,” the charity said. However it did say that there is “good evidence” that cannabinoids could be beneficial in managing pain and side effects linked to cancer treatment. But while it is still exercising caution, contrary to previous statements from the charity which encouraged patients not to use cannabis-based products, Cancer Research’s renewed position is more positive. Dr Wai Liu, who researches the use of cannabis for treating cancer at St George’s University,  welcomed the article, calling it a “logical step” for the charity. “It is a well-rounded piece that…

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