Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Cannabis Friendly?

Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Cannabis Friendly?

Cannabis may be emerging from the shadows of prohibition in the physical realm, yet it’s a different story in the virtual dimension. The leading social media platforms are yet to get with the times when it comes to weed and continue to make life exceedingly difficult for legal cannabis businesses. Related Post How Facebook Is Sabotaging The Cannabis Industry Social Media Vs Cannabis Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram make no secret of their agenda to purge cannabis content from their platforms. Both sites belong to Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta, and both make it abundantly clear in their community guidelines that bud is not welcome within the Metaverse. In 2019, Zuck demonstrated his anti-cannabis algorithm to a room full of journalists, revealing how the system is able to distinguish between images of bud and pictures of broccoli so that the former can be earmarked for a so-called shadow ban. This is when a social media platform restricts the visibility of posts – usually without notifying the user – so that no one can see or interact with them. For a business, shadow banning can have significant consequences, as it prevents any messages from reaching potential customers. Worse still, Facebook and Instagram regularly delete cannabis-themed pages without warning and without even giving a reason. The Seedsman Facebook and Instagram pages were both taken down in 2021 with no explanation or possibility to appeal. Our backup Instagram was also removed. We’re constantly shadowbanned and throttled. Similar stories abound within the cannabis industry, with large numbers of retailers having had their social media pages deactivated despite not breaking any laws. TikTok is equally oppressive and generally bans any references to cannabis culture. Videos that are tagged with a term associated with weed tend to be removed, while Twitter users have to avoid…

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