Khan & Cannabis: First Priti Patel & Now Anne Widdecombe

Khan & Cannabis: First Priti Patel & Now Anne Widdecombe

He certainly upsetting all the right people! Ann Widdecombe has slammed Sadiq Khan for his comments over cannabis use. The London Mayor has called for a discussion on legalising cannabis in the UK, praising the “high standards” of legalised cannabis farms in the US. But Ms Widdecombe says the idea is “appalling”, adding that “he’s not a young hippy for heaven’s sake”. Speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Ms Widdecombe: “When soft drug use goes up, so does hard drug use. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan Jonathan Brady Ann Widdecombe GB News “We all know that a certain percentage of people that start off on cannabis end up on the very serious hard drugs and if you legalise cannabis more people will try it because there is no barrier of illegality. “So this is an appalling proposition. “Priti Patel is right, it does tear families apart, it does ruin lives. “This country has its head its head in the sand over this, we’ve never had a proper war on drugs. “You look at what (Rudy) Giuliani did in New York when he had zero tolerance on drugs and he cleaned up the city massively. “That’s what Sadiq Khan should be doing, he should be taking a leaf out of Giuliani’s book.” She was then asked by Dan: “Do you think he thinks he’s cool doing this?” To which she replied: “I can’t even begin to work out the motivation for that sort of nonsense, he’s supposed to be a responsible man. “He’s not a young hippy for heaven’s sake. “I don’t know why he’s doing this but it doesn’t’ make him look cool, it makes him look extremely foolish.”

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