Where are the New Jersey edibles? Why you can't buy edibles in NJ

Where are the New Jersey edibles? Why you can't buy edibles in NJ

At long last, recreational sales have finally started in the state of New Jersey. Two years after citizens of the Garden State took to the polls and called for cannabis legalization, the first recreational cannabis dispensaries opened their doors to the public just a few weeks ago on April 21, 2022. Since then, it’s been clear that recreational cannabis sales are a hit. Around 12,000 people purchased legal cannabis products from the state’s 12 open dispensaries on the first day alone, spending about $2 million in the process, according to the New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission. That’s a whole lot of cannabis flower, resin, wax, shatter, capsules, and tinctures. What recreational buyers in the Garden State still can’t get their hands on, however, are cannabis-infused edibles. The law doesn’t allow brownies, gummies, cookies, or any other cannabis products “resembling food.” But why are cannabis-infused food items still off-limits in Jersey? And what exactly counts as an edible and what doesn’t? Browse New Jersey retailers Are edibles legal in New Jersey? No, not at this time. Because unlike some cannabis laws around the nation, New Jersey’s statute is very clear about what forms of cannabis are allowed. Legal cannabis is broken down into two simple categories: ingestible cannabis products and inhalable cannabis products. Edibles are not currently included in the ingestible cannabis category. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these categories to understand why. Inhalable cannabis products Under the letter of New Jersey law, forms of cannabis specifically intended to be inhaled via smoke or vapor — like dried cannabis flower, concentrates, and vape cartridges — are all considered smokable products. No real curveballs or surprises here. Ingestible cannabis products Things get a little bit more specific when it comes to edibles. As the New Jersey state law is…

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