Five new cannabis studies to know about

Five new cannabis studies to know about
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From research into insomnia, to the impact of early cannabis usage on mental health, here are some recently published studies that should be on your radar. Historically, cannabis has been an under-researched field, for the most part, thanks to its status as an illegal substance. However, as legalisation becomes more commonplace across the world, scientists are finally being given the freedom to study the effects of the plant and its potential usage for treating a wide range of conditions. Here’s five signifiant cannabis studies from the past two months. Cannabis consumers report “significant improvements” to insomnia symptoms Cannabis is a popular choice for self-treating insomnia with anecdotal evidence showing that CBD and THC may improve sleep. The research backing these claims is still lacking but a retrospective cohort study published in April this year, has confirmed that cannabis-derived products could help those suffering from the condition. The Canadian study concluded that individuals with depression, anxiety or both who use cannabis for insomnia noticed “significant” improvements after consuming the drug. The study, published in the journal BMC Psychiatry, analysed data from a cohort of 677 individuals with a total of 8,476 recorded sessions. The results found that cannabis was perceived to be effective in managing anxiety/depression-related insomnia across all groups, irrespective of age and gender. The study also looked at which types of cannabis were more efficacious, finding that indica-dominant, indica hybrid and sativa-dominant strains were more effective for depression than CBD-dominant strains. For anxiety and co-morbid conditions, the research team found little difference between strains. “The current study highlights the need for placebo-controlled trials investigating symptom improvement and the safety of cannabinoids for sleep in individuals with mood and anxiety disorders,” the researchers concluded. First study of its kind finds that cannabis may help tackle fatigue A study led by…

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