Company Sues Detroit Over New Recreational Pot Ordinance

Company Sues Detroit Over New Recreational Pot Ordinance
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A Michigan cannabis retailer has filed a lawsuit against the city of Detroit over a newly passed ordinance that took effect last month. The Detroit News reports that the suit was “brought by four House of Dank dispensaries—each operating under a unique name,” asserting that the ordinance passed by the city council runs afoul of Michigan’s adult-use recreational cannabis law that was approved by voters in 2018. According to the Detroit News, the ordinance, which officially took effect on April 20, “doesn’t allow medical marijuana establishments to be eligible to obtain a recreational license for five years.” Per the Detroit Free Press, the plaintiffs assert that “state law specifies that once municipalities opt into allowing cannabis businesses within city limits, they cannot prevent medical marijuana licensees from obtaining recreational licenses,” and that the ordinance is also problematic because it “prohibits ownership interest in more than one such retail license, meaning even if a medical marijuana business owner gets a recreational license, they could only have it for one store location.” Should the city adhere to that ordinance, the plaintiffs argue that “medical facilities would not be given a shot at getting a recreational license until 2027, when the medical businesses would have likely already closed their doors from lack of sales,” the Detroit Free Press reported, adding that the plaintiffs have asked “the court to intervene and stop Detroit from prohibiting dispensaries that sell both medical and recreational cannabis.” The lawsuit represents just the latest setback in Detroit’s effort to belatedly implement an adult-use cannabis market in the city.  While a majority of Michigan voters approved a ballot measure legalizing recreational pot use for adults in 2018, the state’s most populous city opted out. In 2020, a year after the first recreational dispensaries opened in the state, Detroit’s city council…

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