Missouri Medical Cannabis Sales Top $335.8 Million in April

Missouri Medical Cannabis Sales Top 5.8 Million in April

<![CDATA[Missouri’s medical cannabis sales had yet another record-breaking month in April totaling $335.8 million—up roughly 11% from March.April’s sales saw a 773.3% increase from last April, which brought in $38.5 million, according to data from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS). Sales have also seen a steady month-over-month increase since they began in October 2020, and since the program’s launch, the MDHSS has issued over 185,000 medical cannabis cards to patients and caregivers, according to a press release from the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MMCTA). Missouri is also working to broaden participation within its cannabis industry this year through its 2022 ballot initiative. According to the MMCTA release, the initiative would specifically target “small business owners and among historically disadvantaged populations, including those with limited capital, residents of high-poverty communities, service-disabled veterans and those previously convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses, among other categories,” according to the release. The state would create a new licensing category reserved for small businesses to add a minimum of 144 licensed facilities to the existing 378. The new licensing category would also allow “operators to both cultivate the plant and manufacture cannabis products,” according to the release.   ]]>

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