Fast Take With Matt Darin, Curaleaf's New CEO

Fast Take With Matt Darin, Curaleaf's New CEO

<![CDATA[Fast Take With Matt Darin, Curaleaf CEO  Biggest challenge in either launching or maintaining a cultivation operation:Launching and scaling cultivation operations with a quality-first focus across a broad spectrum of facilities, markets, climates, and regulatory regimes. Something most people don’t realize about running a cannabis business:How many elements are involved – people, horticulture, manufacturing, operations, logistics, compliance, marketing, sales, and finance, just to name a few. What keeps you awake at night:I sleep well after a full day but the great responsibility of effectively leading 5,500 team members across 23 states is on my mind at night before bed. What helps you sleep at night:Knowing how many hardworking, knowledgeable, and committed team members I work with that are tirelessly executing on opportunities and navigating our challenges together.  Advice for new or existing cultivators who want to succeed in this industry:Bring a resilient mindset every day and never lose the passion and excitement that brought you to the industry in the first place.  ]]>

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