Missouri House Votes To Unveil Medical Marijuana Business Ownership Details

Missouri House Votes To Unveil Medical Marijuana Business Ownership Details
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“This is one of those situations with strange bedfellows, folks on opposite ends of the spectrum that generally don’t agree with each other.” By Jason Hancock, Missouri Independent The Missouri House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to require state regulators to disclose ownership information for businesses granted medical marijuana licenses that the state has withheld from public view. Democratic Rep. Peter Merideth of St. Louis added the transparency requirements as an amendment to a local government bill approved by the Senate earlier this year. After a brief debate where no one spoke in opposition, the amendment was approved 128-6. The underlying bill, which contains numerous other House amendments, was approved and now heads back to the Senate. The legislative session ends at 6 PM Friday. Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers argued Tuesday that the Department of Health and Senior Service’s decision to deem ownership records confidential has caused problems in providing oversight of the medical marijuana program. And that problem will only get worse, they contend, if a recreational marijuana ballot measure wins voter approval this fall. “If we have a situation where all of the entities that got licenses under this existing program have an advantage in a bigger market, we have to continue doing real oversight to make sure that they were operating properly under the existing constitutional guidelines,” Merideth said, pointing to provisions in the proposed ballot measure that ensure current medical marijuana license holders get the initial batch of recreational licenses. Analysis by The Independent and the Missourian last year of 192 dispensary licenses issued by the state found several instances where a single entity was connected to more than five dispensary licenses. According to the constitution, the state can’t issue more than five dispensary licenses to any entity under substantially common control, ownership or management. But because…

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