Who benefits when legal weed goes to the country club?

Who benefits when legal weed goes to the country club?

OJ Simpson’s old golf haunt, La Riveria, sits on the other side of LA from my downtown crib. That westside country club was the setting for the single golf tournament that I can recall watching with intention. The scene was all the way back in ’95, and The Juice was no longer loose — he was locked up about a mile away from the crib, awaiting trial. That year, La Riviera hosted the Pro Golfers Association Championship. Had my man Heavy D not spotted me a ticket, I might never have borne witness. As much as I was struck by the power and skill of the tour’s top players, it was golf’s customs that rocked my world: alcohol culture in full peacock bloom, continuous day drinking that Jim Nance hadn’t bothered to rhapsodize over, and caddy culture making it a game for men who have sons or, at minimum, assistants. Golf was goddamn fascinating. And I didn’t especially care for it. What might happen if one introduced weed? Might that favorably tip the balance? Looking for weed at Lemonhaze Around 7:00 am on March 21, I caught the Southbound 7th Street train to Long Beach. My oldest child snatched me up and dropped me off 25 miles down the 5 freeway at Orange County’s Irvine Spectrum Mall. A Lyft driver scooped me at Spectrum and carried me 20 roundabout miles along the southeastern edge of Angeles National Forest — some raw California beauty that I ain’t never laid eyes on before. Past the obscure Highway 241 sits Coto de Caza, home to the first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and, on this day, the Lemongaze Executive Golf Classic. Tragically, the first round of beverages had already happened by the time I arrived. The 122 cannabis executives invited…

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