Cannabis, Heart Attacks and Strokes

Cannabis, Heart Attacks and Strokes

Facilitating recovery from a stroke or heart attack is a significant challenge for physicians, yet evidence suggests that cannabinoids may have a role to play in helping patients recuperate. Though large-scale clinical trials on this topic are still missing, smaller studies have highlighted the utility of the antioxidant properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Related Post Use CBD Before Bed To Treat Hypertension, New Research Suggests Cannabinoids And Stroke Despite a lack of studies on human patients, preclinical data indicates that cannabinoids may assist in the recovery process following a stroke. In 2014, a major systematic review identified 34 studies involving 144 different experiments on animals, all of which pointed towards a significant therapeutic effect[i]. Though methodologies differed between these studies, the totality of the data indicated that all subclasses of cannabinoids helped the brains of animals recover when administered shortly after a stroke. Synthetic cannabinoids, those derived from cannabis plants, and those produced within the animals’ bodies all helped reduce brain infarct size. The majority of strokes are ischemic, which means they occur following a reduction in blood flow to the brain due to a narrowing or blockage of blood vessels. Ischemia can be permanent or transient, depending on whether or not the restricted blood flow resolves itself naturally. According to the studies included in the review, cannabinoids effectively prevent tissue damage in the brain regardless of whether ischemia is permanent or transient. Conventional treatments for stroke involve blood thinners to remove clots from around the brain, followed by reperfusion therapy to restore blood flow and prevent brain damage. Similarly, patients who suffer heart attacks may undergo reperfusion to boost blood flow through blocked arteries. However, this type of treatment can sometimes lead to Ischaemia-Reperfusion Injury (IRI), whereby the sudden restoration of blood flow to ischaemic tissues actually…

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