The History Of Blueberry Cannabis

The History Of Blueberry Cannabis

In the history of cannabis breeding, a turning point was reached in the late 1970s when a dedicated and passionate grower named DJ Short began introducing Indica genetics to the Sativa-dominated gene pool. This stroke of genius gave rise to the legendary Blueberry family of cannabis strains, which became the inspiration for a new age of hybrid cultivars. Related Post The History Of The Blue Dream Strain History of Blueberry Cannabis: Beginnings Originally from Canada, DJ Short spent much of the 70s mixing and matching Sativa landrace strains on the west coast of the US. Constantly on the hunt for new and exciting phenotypes, he eventually fell in love with two unique specimens that would go on to spawn the Blueberry dynasty. The first of these was a Highland Thai named Juicy Fruit, which delivered an intense, long-lasting high packaged in sweet tropical flavours. A second plant was also created by crossing a Highland Oaxaca Gold with a Chocolate Thai. This colourful individual went by the name of Purple Thai, in reference to her tendency to express a deep purple hue when exposed to cold temperatures. However, things got interesting when DJ Short got his hands on an Afghani Indica in 1979. Indica strains were somewhat uncommon and unfashionable at the time, yet this particular male showed potential.o DJ Short began by breeding his Afghani male with a Purple Thai female, producing the famous Flo strain. A Sativa dominant hybrid, Flo was then bred with a Juicy Fruit/Afghani cross to create the Original Blueberry. Consisting of 80 per cent Indica genetics, Blueberry became a hit for its unique effects, which can be described as a relaxing body high tinged with an energised euphoria. Retaining the purple propensities and fruity flavour of its forebears, Blueberry introduced growers to the benefits of…

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