Life Research at World CBD Awards

Life Research at World CBD Awards

With just three words from their website, you can sum up the core values of Life Research: educate, collaborate, and innovate. What makes Life Research so unique is their dedication to research and knowledge. They know how important it is to use only the best in genetics and processes to create the highest quality CBGa+ products in the world. Hemp is widely misunderstood, which is why they work hard every day to find new uses for it and promote its many life-giving properties. Who are Life Research, and what do they do? Life Research are leading producers of CBGa hemp and tinctures. They create premium CBGa products such as full-spectrum rosin and spagyric tinctures through their passion for improving lives at a molecular level. These tinctures activate the body’s entire system to support total mind and body homeostasis. Life Research promise that you will feel a deep calm and relief from the moment you try their golden, mineral-rich tinctures. And judging from their massive loyal following, this is not just an empty promise. Life Research grow their crops in the nutrient-rich soil of the Healing Hollows farm in Colorado. Colorado is known as one of the best places to grow hemp, and with good reason. Fertile soil, gloriously sunny days, and clear air make this region ideal for yielding bountiful hemp harvests of premium quality. According to their website, Life Research concentrate on educating others on best practices to emphasise the myriad of benefits and bring hemp to the forefront of medical research and the industrial market. Not only do they want to educate, collaborate, and innovate to help those who are suffering from conditions they don’t have to, but they also want to improve the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of all health-conscious consumers through the goodness of CBGa.…

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