What Is the Best Way to Use Mushroom Powder?

What Is the Best Way to Use Mushroom Powder?

Anyone with even a slight interest in the natural health market has surely noticed the latest trend: mushroom powder. Derived from functional mushroom species like reishi and lion’s mane, mushroom powder boasts an array of potential wellness benefits.  Functional mushrooms have taken center stage as celebrated superfoods in recent years. From providing nutritional properties to promoting immune health, these potent fungi are an excellent addition to any health and wellness routine. Different species provide different therapeutic effects. For instance, reishi may reduce stress and support sleep, while lion’s mane mushroom powder is excellent for improving focus and concentration. Mushroom supplements, like powder, offer a more practical and convenient way to reap the rewards of functional mushrooms.    What Is Mushroom Powder? Generally, mushroom powder is exactly what it sounds like – dried mushrooms milled into a fine powder. Although it can be made from any culinary mushroom, it typically refers to functional mushrooms, which, as alluded to above, provide health benefits beyond their nutritional value.  One of the primary differences between whole mushrooms and mushroom powder is that the latter is more highly concentrated. In other words, you get a more potent dose of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds.  Furthermore, while some functional mushrooms can be consumed fresh and cooked, most need to be processed in a way that our bodies can utilize the nutrients. Typically, fresh mushrooms are processed using hot water or alcohol extraction to draw out the beneficial compounds.  Following the extraction process, the liquid is concentrated into a powder. The resulting mushroom powder is more concentrated and has a higher bioavailability than the original mushroom. Functional mushroom powders can be made from a single mushroom species or several varieties. Often, they incorporate a few different mushroom extracts to maximize the therapeutic effects of…

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