Kentucky Governor Indicates Executive Cannabis Order Coming

Kentucky Governor Indicates Executive Cannabis Order Coming

<![CDATA[The legal details are not fully ironed out, but Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear indicated May 5 that his administration forecasts an opening for an executive order on medical cannabis. The Democratic governor didn’t reveal what specific actions might be on the table, but he did signal leeway for his office to act in some capacity during his weekly news conference Thursday. “The legal analysis is not yet finalized, but I do think that there is going to be room for at least some executive action,” Beshear said when asked for an update. “Our challenge on putting together the task force is a positive one: It’s that there is so much interest. It is time for, call it, medical cannabis or medical marijuana in Kentucky. It is the will of the people. And there are folks out there suffering.” Beshear asked his general counsel to begin analyzing options under the law for the governor to consider regarding executive action on medical cannabis, which he announced under a four-step plan to effectuate change on the state’s medical cannabis policy during his April 21 news conference. RELATED: Kentucky Governor Takes Issue With Senate Inaction on Medical Cannabis The governor’s plan comes on the heels of Kentucky’s Senate stalling on medical cannabis legalization for the past three years. Most recently, the upper chamber killed legislation that cruised to House passage by way of a 59-34 vote in March. That failed legislation, sponsored by GOP Rep. Jason Nemes, aimed at allowing doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to patients for six qualifications: cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy/seizure disorder, multiple sclerosis, chronic nausea or cyclical vomiting syndrome, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Beshear said Thursday that he continues to hear stories from Kentuckians who would benefit from legal access to medical cannabis. “You know, I talked to a…

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