Using Cannabis with Opioids – Are they safe for co-use?

Using Cannabis with Opioids – Are they safe for co-use?
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Is using cannabis with opioids the answer to the NHS’ problems? Cannabis is now being understood more and more as an effective pain relief medication. Current research has even shown that cannabis can reduce the need for more harmful and addictive substances. Opiates are chief among these. It is worth stating, however, that the co–use of certain medications can sometimes result in poorer outcomes. Using cannabis with opioids – The ‘lesser of two evils’? Fortunately new studies have shown that the combined use of opioids and cannabis can be very beneficial for pain. In one study, patients who smoked marijuana while being administered small doses of oxycodone experienced enhanced pain threshold and tolerance. However opioids, as well as cannabis, have both been shown to have depressant tendencies. Taken at non-medical levels these drugs can suppress the central nervous system to dangerous levels. That is why it is paramount that trials and research continue to help relax legislation surrounding treatments like medical cannabis. Cannabis has also been reported to reduce a number of other side effects such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and nausea. All of these are classic symptoms of opioid withdrawal. This suggests that the two could be used in conjunction. The severe side effects of opioids could be lessened considerably by medical cannabis. Lack of good research due to legislation The lack of double-blind placebo-controlled trials is a big gap in cannabis research. These could demonstrate the effectiveness of the plant as a medication. This kind of trial is the gold standard of study. Legislation in the UK has caused many issues for clinics that want to do more research and help patients. This type of study takes two groups of participants and organises them randomly: One group will receive the medical cannabis and the other will be a ‘control group’ who…

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