Cannabis policy reform needed in Britain, says Think Tank

Cannabis policy reform needed in Britain, says Think Tank
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Cannabis policy reform in Britain should draw on lessons from liberalising countries such as Uruguay to improve criminal and health outcomes, according to research published last week. Calls to reform the UK’s prohibition approach to cannabis Laws are ‘not fit for purpose’ A think tank called The Social Market Foundation has carried out extensive research on cannabis liberalisation worldwide. Countries such as Uruguay, Spain and the Netherlands have seen massive improvements to crime and health statistics since their decriminalisation and legalisation. SMF (Social Market Foundation) feel that a prohibitionist mindset in the UK authority means it is falling behind. Other countries are liberalising their policies and strengthening their economies, as well as decongesting courts. This approach in the UK means that people consume more dangerous products with varying degrees of strength and quality. Gangs control the black market, often violently, and there is so much potential to boost the economy with tax revenue. Cannabis policy reform stagnant for 50 years The UK’s prohibitionist stance remains the same as almost 50 years ago. Cannabis is still the most used illicit drug, especially among people aged 30 and under, with 30% of people having tried it at least once. Jake Shepherd, SMF Researcher and report author, said: “Over the last 50 years, governments in the UK have hardly moved their anti-cannabis stance, even as evidence shows it to be less harmful than substances like alcohol, and public perception of the illicit substance has evolved. In contrast, countries across the world are reaping myriad benefits of progressive reforms.” “The need for cannabis policy reform is clear – public opinion on cannabis and demand for it is rapidly changing. “By learning from international examples such as Uruguay’s, the UK can put in place the right policy framework to navigate the current system, the unregulated…

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