Agrify's Extraction Division Launches New Hydrocarbon Extractor: the PX5

Agrify's Extraction Division Launches New Hydrocarbon Extractor: the PX5

<![CDATA[BILLERICA, Massachusetts, May 6, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Agrify Corporation, a innovative provider of advanced cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, announced its extraction division has expanded its portfolio of industry-leading processing solutions with its latest, most advanced and scalable passive hydrocarbon extractor: the PX5.The PX5’s unique passive recovery design offers immediate economic benefits to cannabis operators of any size. The optimized extraction path reduces batch times, driving increased daily production up to 33%. By eliminating the need for a dedicated pump, the PX5 saves up to 40% annually in energy costs over comparable traditional systems while simultaneously eliminating the maintenance and replacement expense normally associated with system pumps. Designed for rapid material changeover, the PX5 enables operators to increase hourly extract production by 200%, and with specialized training available from Agrify Extraction, operators can realize up to a 300% increase.”The PX5 represents more than a decade of collective experience, research and development in hydrocarbon extraction,” said Chris Benyo, senior vice president & general manager of Agrify’s Extraction Division. “This versatile machine is the ultimate streamlined and scalable cannabis extraction technology, which has been designed with the creation of high-value end products in mind. With a large number of facility build-outs and expansions currently happening in this industry and the demand for high-quality cannabis products surging, the PX5—which is the first in a series of hydrocarbon extractor launches that we plan to roll out this year—is perfect for customers looking to build faster, grow their business, gain a competitive edge and make groundbreaking products.” Catering to the contemporary needs of cannabis operators, the PX5 offers passive recovery with fast recovery times. With a linear design and convenient ergonomic controls, the PX5’s functions are easily accessible, The system offers integrated CRC refinement, which is highly conducive to extracting high-terpene, full-spectrum live…

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