The A-Z Cannabis Glossary

The A-Z Cannabis Glossary

Trying to keep tabs on everything in the world of cannabis can seem like a full-time gig sometimes – between the terms, slang, and all those abbreviations, staying on top of it all is a daunting task for the best of us. But don’t worry – as always, Seedsman has you covered with this cannabis glossary To lay everything out from A to Z would take a month-long series, but we’ll list some of the most common ones here in alphabetical order, starting with A through to Z, to keep you on top of the most common terms you’ll come across in the world of weed. If you’ve ever wanted to try a dab but don’t know what to grab, or you need to know the difference between CBD and CBN, read on… Alcohol Extraction A means of making hash oil, where essential oils and trichomes are stripped from the plant by using ethyl or isopropyl alcohol to strip out the plant material and evaporate the alcohol. Accessories The tools of the trade for cannabis users, including rolling papers, roaches, bongs, vapes, grinders, stash jars – anything you use to help store or smoke cannabis Adult Use Legal cannabis not designated for medical use April 20th Also known as 420, after the American date format. While debate rumbles on over the origins of the term, this date has become the day of cannabis pride internationally and is celebrated in cannabis culture by advocates, legal reformers, recreational users and more. Backroll A rolling technique in which you roll backwards, ensuring a more even burn and more taste from the flower itself. If you struggle with rolling regular joints, try backrolling instead. It may take time to master, but it’s worth the effort. BHO Butane hash oil, made by dissolving marijuana plant…

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