Kansas sheriff’s office raiding stores that sell THC and seizing products

Kansas sheriff’s office raiding stores that sell THC and seizing products

KCUR public radio has the story Advocacy groups consider the move harassment of business owners. Cannabis products are legal in Kansas only with very small amounts of hemp-derived THC. Law enforcement officers are carrying out raids in Topeka on shops selling cannabis products. The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office won’t answer questions about how many stores it has raided, on what dates or how much it seized. Cannabis advocacy groups in Topeka say officers seized goods from several sellers on April 20 — a date celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts — and April 28, and continued their campaign over the past few days. The move frustrates advocates holding out hope that the Kansas Legislature will take final steps later this month to seal a deal that would legalize medical marijuana. The raids also frustrate advocates because some cannabis products already count as legal under state law. “This ongoing persecution of Kansas citizens, retailers, distributors and ancillary business owners is detrimental to our state and its future, and it must end,” several groups said in a collective statement. The groups — including Kansans for Hemp, the Kansas Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and the Kansas Cannabis Coalition — urged the hundreds of shops across Kansas that sell products containing THC to ensure their goods are legal and to keep detailed documentation of their origin to gird themselves against prosecution. THC is the key psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. Kansas law allows products with very small amounts of it. To be legal, the small amounts of THC need to come from industrial hemp plants — cannabis plants that naturally contain low levels of the stuff. In December, Attorney General Derek Schmidt concluded these rules apply to delta-8 products, too. Delta-8 really only sells well in states like Kansas, where full-blown recreational cannabis remains illegal. It is a…

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