Chefs Take Gourmet Cannabis Edibles to Delicious New Highs

Chefs Take Gourmet Cannabis Edibles to Delicious New Highs
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Far from the crayon-colored chewy gummies that have dominated the edibles market, a new array of chef-driven cannabis cookies and confections illustrates weed’s culinary potential. These gourmet cannabis edibles focus on powerful flavors, and not just powerful highs.  The upscale edibles feature elegant packaging, sophisticated ingredients and artful execution that rival the best of artisanal confections and pastry. Though edibles are a fraction of the cannabis market, these elevated gummies, cookies and chocolates are made to entice the cannabis newcomer and the seasoned veteran alike, often with lower-THC doses.  The individual ingredients are newly scrutinized, as cannachefs focus their recipe development on the emulsification properties of the concentrates and how they can complement the distinctive herbaceous flavor of weed. The downside? These edibles are all so delicious it’s hard to eat just one.  Here’s a sample of some of the best new gourmet cannabis edibles to hit the West Coast. Rose Los Angeles Makes the Gummy Gourmet  PHOTO Courtesy of Rose Los Angeles Rose Los Angeles is making a name with its Rose Delights gourmet cannabis edibles. Their low-dose gummies incorporate seasonal produce in wildly imaginative and flavorful combinations, as well as year-round staples. The delicate cubes are reminiscent of classic Turkish Delight and have captured the imagination of star chef collaborators, including Dominique Crenn, Natasha Pickowicz, Nicole Rucker and Enrique Olvera. Using seasonal produce at peak freshness, the company says it creates recipes that read like an exotic cocktail—the Apple Ume Ginger blends Gravenstein apple cider with Ume plum syrup and ginger juice. Chef OIvera created a Delight based on the michelada, but replaced the bitter note of beer with cannabis and used fire-roasted tomatoes, Pujol-fermented chili paste and freeze-dried lime dust. “The experimentation has reached new heights in our kitchen,” says founder Nathan Cozzolino. “It becomes like this treasure hunt focused on finding individual…

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