Cannabis and cancer – is a new study cause for concern?

Cannabis and cancer – is a new study cause for concern?
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Leading experts have questioned the legitimacy of a new study, which appears to link cannabis to cancer, saying medical consumers don’t need to be concerned.  A recent study has claimed to show “strong” evidence that both THC and CBD – active ingredients in cannabis – are associated with the formation of multiple cancers. Researchers at the University of Western Australia called the results “very concerning” and have concluded that use of cannabis should be urgently restricted worldwide. But proponents of medical cannabis are sceptical of the report and have spoken out to Cannabis Health about their concerns as to the legitimacy of the research. They have dubbed it “obscure science” with missing information which counters other studies and say it can be dismissed as “scaremongering”. The study The findings of the study, which was conducted at the Division of Psychiatry, University of Western Australia, were published on 30 March. The researchers used statistical software to access the census rates of 28 cancer types in all US states from 2001 to 2017 from the National Cancer Institute.They then accessed drug exposure information from the National Survey of Drug Use and Health 2003 to 2017. Federal seizure data from the US Government provided details of cannabinoid exposure. A total of 19,877 age-standardised cancer rates were returned.  From the results they found that 15 cancers were more prevalent than usual in those who were exposed to high levels of CBD, the report said. The researchers said the results were particularly concerning as more people across the globe are being exposed to cannabinoids. It concluded that public access to cannabinoids should be carefully restricted “as a matter of public health and safety” and to retain the integrity of the food chain. Doing this is a “non-negotiable” investment in the genomic health and prevention of…

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